Wembley Property Ladder

Welcome to the winter edition of our Wembley Market Update.

The property market has been a little subdued over the past 12 months even with the lowest interest rates since pounds and shillings were our currency!

I would suggest that this may be the case for the winter at least and then the normal spring market will see better activity and more homes for sale.

As always; please call me on 0411 110 779 if you need any advice with your real estate needs.

Fast Facts

  • 6 properties for sale in Wembley at the moment
  • 60 properties have sold or gone Under Offer YTD 2015
  • 43 days is the average days on market in Wembley
  • Harborne Street has the most listings for sale with 2 sales
  • 5 is the most properties sold on any particular Street – Harborne, Daglish & Pangbourne

Current Listings

NoStreetBedsBathLand m2 (approx)List DateList PriceCurrent PriceDOMAgency
35aBarrett Street323458/07/2015$1,695,000$1,695,0001Murphy's Estate Agents
30aBarrett Street433587/06/2015EOIFrom $1.75m32Hawkins Smith
24Bronzewing Loop4240724/04/2015Offers low $1m'sUNDER OFFER75Able McGrath
111Daglish Street426455/06/2015All offers byUNDER OFFER34Space
57Daglish Street4265316/04/2015All offers byFrom $1,495m83Space
179Daglish Street424081/05/2015Mid $900k'sUNDER OFFER68Peard Real Estate
120Daglish Street426457/05/2015AuctionUNDER OFFER62Realmark West
11Daglish Street4267130/05/2015Suit Buyers $1.65mUNDER OFFER39Abel McGrath
20Essex Street4267117/06/2015Offers over $1.295mUNDER OFFER22The property Exchange
105Gregory Street316456/05/2015AuctionUNDER OFFER63Peard Real Estate
9Harborne Street3167115/04/2015AuctionFrom $899,00084Peard Real Estate
168Harborne Street3164515/05/2015From $899kFrom $899k54Horizon Realty Group
106Herdsman Parade526624/06/2015Offers Low $1m'sUNDER OFFER35Able McGrath
44Herdsman Parade426723/07/2015$849,000$849,0006Bexley's
128aHerdsman Parade3254323/04/2015Call for Details$859,00076Empire Property Solutions
55Keane Street5272321/04/2015Offers from $1.6mUNDER OFFER78Pundin Property Consultants
48McKenzie Street426536/05/2015AuctionUNDER OFFER63Peard Real Estate
48Nanson Street4265712/06/2015$1,485,000$1,395,00027Bexley's
132Nanson Street31UNDER OFFER
1/60Reserve Street004823/07/2015Offers over $790koffers over $790k6Mack Hall
237Ruislip Street3253226/06/2015$999,000$999,00013Acton Subiaco
16Scadden Street426395/06/2015Offers over $1mUNDER OFFER34The Property Exchange
27aSimper Street0051128/06/2015AuctionAuction11

Sales in 2015

January 1 – June 30
NoStreetBedsBathAsking PriceAgencySale PriceSale Date
20KEANE ST21AUCTIONCaporn Young Estate Agents$806,00029/06/2015
118SALVADO RD32$878,0005/06/2015
100HERDSMAN PDE21AuctionRay White$805,00029/05/2015
76SALVADO RD22From $815,000Paxton Hoad$770,00028/05/2015
24BRONZEWING LOOP42Offers low $1MillionsAbel McGrath Property Group$995,00026/05/2015
56DAGLISH ST31All offers by Thursday 4th JuneSpace Real Estate$1,077,00025/05/2015
118SALVADO RD32Offers Over $845,000The Property Exchange$878,00024/05/2015
71RUISLIP ST22$869,00015/05/2015
132SALVADO RD32From $889,000Beaufort Realty$900,0009/05/2015
14CONNOLLY ST43$1,050,0006/05/2015
83ESSEX ST31AUCTIONPeard Real Estate Leederville$1,135,0005/05/2015
83HOLLAND ST31$1,100,000plusWembley Estate Agents$1,050,0005/05/2015
65GREGORY ST41$1,100,0004/05/2015
211HARBORNE ST31ALL OFFERS PRESENTEDAbode Real Estate$820,0004/05/2015
121NANSON ST31From $950,000Bexleys Real Estate$950,0003/05/2015
116PANGBOURNE ST31$795,000 - $835,000Bexleys Real Estate$795,0002/05/2015
2MARLOW ST31$849,000Acton Central$780,00029/04/2015
94MCKENZIE ST42$1,450,000Acton Central$1,275,00025/04/2015
54HERDSMAN PDE31Mid $800,000'sPeard Real Estate Leederville$825,00022/04/2015
4JOHNSON ST42Offers From $1,599,000Optimus Real Estate$1,480,00020/04/2015
91NANSON ST32Wembley Estate Agents$1,182,5009/04/2015
110NANSON ST41Mid to high $1.3m'sPeard Real Estate Leederville$1,235,00031/03/2015
187DAGLISH ST31End Date SalePeard Real Estate Leederville$875,00030/03/2015
2COLLIER ST42$1,270,00028/03/2015
46PANGBOURNE ST31Optimus Real Estate$950,00027/03/2015
16CONNOLLY ST45AUCTION 21 MARCHActon Central$1,400,00026/03/2015
25HERDSMAN PDE21$2,725,00024/03/2015
39CONNOLLY ST32OFFERS!Altitude Real Estate$1,220,00022/03/2015
5SIMPER ST42SET DATE SALETuckey Property Group$1,023,00019/03/2015
93PANGBOURNE ST21$750,00016/03/2015
125HARBORNE ST73Mid to high $1millionsAltitude Real Estate$1,620,00015/03/2015
40CONNOLLY ST32$1,200,00014/03/2015
17THE GROVE32From $1.25mBenade Helman$1,300,00014/03/2015
208SELBY ST42For SalePeard Real Estate Leederville$815,00011/03/2015
117DAGLISH ST31PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILSCaporn Young Estate Agents$1,144,50010/03/2015
81NANSON ST$1,250,0003/03/2015
19RESERVE ST56Low $900KsAbel McGrath Property Group$925,00028/02/2015
41CONNOLLY ST32$712,50027/02/2015
89HOLLAND ST41Offers by 5th AprilRay White Centro$1,100,00025/02/2015
59SIMPER ST41$1,050,000Acton Central$965,00024/02/2015
71RUISLIP ST31$765,00023/02/2015
37MARLOW ST21AUCTIONBexleys Real Estate$1,150,00021/02/2015
40BARRETT ST32From $1,575,000Caporn Young Estate Agents$1,610,00020/02/2015
8VERYARD TCE32$1,170,000 - $1,220,000Bexleys Real Estate$1,200,00020/02/2015
134DAGLISH ST31$872,50019/02/2015
51aPANGBOURNE ST31End Date SalePeard Real Estate Leederville$845,00017/02/2015
10PANGBOURNE ST32$985,000Anderson Davies Real Estate$942,50010/02/2015
67 AMARLOW ST41FROM $959,000Acton North$930,0009/02/2015
134HOLLAND ST31End Date SalePeard Real Estate Leederville$895,0005/02/2015
225HARBORNE ST42From $895,000Abel McGrath The Property People$840,00030/01/2015
225HARBORNE ST31From $795,000Abel McGrath Property Group$730,00030/01/2015
47SIMPER ST41Browne Grove and Associates$1,470,00030/01/2015
138HERDSMAN PDE42$1m - $1.15mProvincial Real Estate$1,100,00029/01/2015
19HARBORNE ST41Acton South$1,340,00028/01/2015
241CAMBRIDGE ST21$1,150,000Acton Central$1,100,00026/01/2015
79LAKE MONGER DR42End Date SaleBernade Helman$900,00023/01/2015
32SIMPER ST31End Date SalePeard Real Estate Leederville$837,50023/01/2015
128DAGLISH ST31Offers from $1,095,000LJ Hooker Subiaco$1,105,00022/01/2015
17MARLOW ST32Offers around $1,250,000Acton Central$1,210,00022/01/2015
71RUISLIP ST32$899,00012/01/2015
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