Quay Restaurant

If you’re a foodie of any sort and you have been to Sydney, you may have heard of a fancy establishment called Quay Restaurant.

Nestled at the rocks at the Sydney Harbour overlooking the infamous opera house, this magnificent restaurant cannot be faulted. From the moment we walked through the door, we were greeted with a smile and incredible service, which as we have mentioned before can make or break your experiences wherever you go.

We had to ask twice to have the menu and the way it worked to us twice, and our waitress was more than happy to oblige.

When we asked if we could visit the kitchen to see how the food production and cooking was handled in a 3 Hat/3 Star rated restaurant, there was simply no hesitation from the staff that quickly left to ask the Head Chef is this request was ok. Within half an hour we were watching how poised and calm the chefs were in creating beautiful food during the Saturday lunch rush.

If you ever get the chance to eat at Quay restaurant, we assure you; you will not be disappointed. With a degustation type menu and each dish handcrafted to absolute perfection, we had 4 dishes and could simply not fault one thing.

All in all the afternoon was a lovely one spent with friends and colleagues but the fantastic service we received from the staff at Quay Restaurant is something we try our hardest to integrate into our service to our clients. We learned a lot from them and strive every day to provide a lovely experience to each and everyone we have the pleasure of meeting and dealing with.


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