Should I accept an early offer below the asking price?

A reality for many sellers... a quick offer, but not quite what you were hoping for.
09-12-2020 |

In today's market, sellers will know this all too well. You list your home and in a matter of days, you receive an offer... but it's lower than you're asking!

What do you do? Should you wait for a 'better' buyer? But what if that better buyer never comes and you miss out?

From my experience, the best offers usually occur within the first 2- maybe 3 weeks of your property coming on the market. Competition peaks in the first few weeks and buyers are most likely to make offers because they fear losing out to someone else. Once the property passes that 1 month on the market time-frame, you'll find it sees less interest.

History provides us with 1000's of case studies where property owners have sold for far less than they were offered in the initial stages...

Before you dismiss any early offers, consider your agents advice, they know the market and they will be able to guide you with the decision. Often, it may not be the advice you want. But perhaps what you'll need to hear.