OFF MARKET SALES... an excellent selling method

They're awesome... but they're nothing new!
22-06-2020 |

When Covid hit, everything changed and our indsutry adapted quickly -  offering services such as virtual appraisals and off-market selling campaigns.

Off market (without publication) campaigns can be very successful when executed well, and in reality, agents should have been offering this as a key method to sellers way before Covid ever happened.

I have been selling property off market for over 7 years now and have had a lot of success, selling homes quickly, for a competitive price - all while saving my sellers a tonne in marketing costs... To be able to achieve this however, has taken years of discipline around buyer and database management. Any agent who hasn’t invested their time in setting up systems for buyer management will struggle to capitalise on this fantastic selling method, not matter what's going on in the world. 

The proof of my past success  is in the results… so here are a couple of recent case studies! 

*I’m not using the real address for privacy reasons, but if you’d like to know the details, feel free to get in touch with me.


Property A was on the market a couple of years ago. It had a few homes to compete with at the time and unfortunately it did not attract the offers we were hoping for.

The sellers’ decided to take it off the market at that point. Fast forward 12 months, and I meet a family who had recently opened up a business on the same street!

Commuting from the other side of Perth every day, they were keen to buy in the area. Knowing what they were looking for in their dream property and knowing that Property A would tick all the boxes, I asked the owners if they would consider selling again, if the price was right… They allowed me to show the family through the home and as I suspected, the family fell in love with it!

3 days later, an offer was accepted and well… the rest is history! Happy buyers and happy sellers without the stress of home opens! There was also no marketing spent on the property making it a more cost effective solution for the sellers.


Property B was on the market with another agent for a few months. It has seen little interest. The sellers contacted me to see if I could help… Because of the structured approach I take to knowing the active buyers in the markets I serve, straight away, I had several buyers in mind.

I created a buyer communication and sent the property details to my large active buyer database. One home open, 7 groups through and 2 offers later, the property went under offer for a terrific price! These are two examples of what being a valued real estate consultant should be all about. Not just in the current climate, but every day.

It’s knowing buyers, knowing sellers, knowing the area and bringing the right properties to the right people.