Real Estate is personal...

...really, really personal!

By Dean Bradley

16-04-2020 |

Whether you're selling a family home you are emotionally connected to, an investment property you are financially connected to or maybe you have no choice but to sell - deceased estates, a marriage break up, a change in financial circumstances... it's always personal.

So when it comes to finding an agent, 'getting on' with them personally, is actually really quite important...

An agent should be someone who can relate, understand, sympathise, listen, problem-solve and put simply, get the situation you are in (good or bad) and help find a solution.

For me, getting along with my clients professionally and personally is SO important... I don't just want to sell their property - I want to achieve an awesome outcome and develop a trust and friendship which could very well last a lifetime.

I pride myself on my many repeat clients and being their first choice for real estate advice for years to come... well after selling their first property.