The 3 key selling steps... and getting them right

When it comes to selling your home, following 3 simple rules will make all the difference...
16-04-2020 |

When it comes to selling, we often talk about the 3 P’s - Ensuring that your property is correctly (p)riced, (p)romoted and (p)resented

A good real estate agent will ensure you get the first two right (price and promotion) 

Using their market knowledge and experience, an agent will be able to determine your properties market value to accurately set the listing price, while their marketing skills will ensure a targeted sales campaign is in place to promote the property to the right buyer – including utilising their extensive database. 

Presentation of your property however is up to you. The agent may suggest some steps to take such as decluttering and small fix up jobs, or they may go as far as suggesting the home be professionally styled for maximum impact. My advice is to trust your agent – they know what works and doesn’t to attract maximum attention. 

First impressions count and in a crowded property market, making sure you home is looking its best is crucial. So when you decide to list your home, take some time to step outside of you own shoes and into the buyers!