Halu Japanese Restaurant – what a pleasant surprise

Nicole and Dean

We enjoyed our 3rd wedding anniversary at Halu Japanese Restaurant

The other night I went out with my wife for our wedding anniversary. We had a great time celebrating 3 years of marriage.

I’m sorry to say but unfortunately in recent times when heading out to restaurants in Perth we have been greeted with overpriced food that is genuinely just okay and the service well maybe can’t be called service!

Halu Japanese Resturaunt in Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn was a refreshing surprise and made a wonderful celebration just that little bit more special.

The food was exceptional and the service quite outstanding as it was genuine and caring.

At the start of the evening the manager introduced himself and asked if it would be ok if he had a trainee waitress serve us. He then asked if we could provide feedback on her service and promised he would be keeping a close eye on her. It was a simple thing for him to be so polite and manage our expectations. It really did position them as a great service restaurant.  Needless to say the waitress was fantastic and couldnt be faulted.

All five courses went down a treat and the bottle of crisp Reisling made the mood just perfect.

If you are looking for a great night of food and service a can highly rcommend Halu.

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